Sourcing Procedures and Practices of Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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Being discerning, educated and aware of how the cacao you consume is sourced, is extremely important. Associating with a company who honours the plant, partners with ethical, sustainable and organic farms and understands the social impact they are having on local communities is in my opinion, one way to be a conscious consumer.

Nourish Hub’s Ceremonial Grade Cacao is harvested only from certified organic cacao farms whom we work with and deal with directly. More importantly, these farms are small, local and family owned. Unlike many other cacao suppliers who source from a single commercial and centralised plantation, we are able to generate a greater, more wide-spread social impact on many indigenous communities by sourcing cacao from multiple small-holder farms.

This sourcing process also supports traditional ways of living for these farmers, respecting ancient and indigenous wisdom about cacao and the rainforests that lie with the native people who live where the cacao is grown and harvested. We’ve found that partnering with local farms who prioritise organic certification standards is one way in which we can impact and give back to the earth and indigenous communities.

Sourcing native cacao strains (grows naturally in the environment and is not man-made) is important for the environment and local communities as when foreign or non-native strains (desired by commercial chocolate industries) are cultivated on the same land, the soil becomes depleted due to incredibly high volumes of cultivation. This demand not only endangers native strains of cacao due to the inhibition of land and soil, it also decreases the price of cacao for local farmers, endangering their financial security. 

The local farmers who cultivate and harvest these native strains of cacao consistently receive higher prices (we pay a premium price) for their cacao, ensuring their families and local communities are supported, as well as their farms, as often the money will be reinvested into their businesses.

The personal relationships that I have formed with local farmers over the past year or so are of the highest importance to me. Honouring the spirit of cacao, the indigenous communities and the land upon which it is grown by ensuring all harvesting procedures are ethical and traditional,  is and always will be the greatest priority in my work.

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