What is Ceremonial Grade Cacao?

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I often get asked what classifies this strain of cacao as ‘ceremonial’. If you’re new here, you may even be wondering why it is called “Ceremonial Grade Cacao”?

Well, there’s a few pieces of criteria that need to be fulfilled for cacao to be considered ceremonial:

  1. It must be produced from native strains, being either the Criollo strain from Guatemala or the Chuncho strain from Peru. This is important as it ensures there is no human / commercial intervention with the harvesting and cultivation practices; the cacao is wildly and traditionally grown and therefore highly concentrated (necessary for ceremony). ⁣
  2. Ceremonial Grade Cacao never undergoes heavy processing as the entire organic beans are utilised (ensuring the natural compounds are preserved and contained) and ground down by hand (no commercialised machinery!). ⁣This strain of cacao is never tempered. 
  3. The land, the farmers and the cacao itself are treated and cultivated with respect. The cacao is organically grown using sustainable practices and promotes above favourable conditions for farmers. ⁣You can read more about this here

⁣These native strains of cacao have been used for thousands of years by Mayan cultures and yes, it is a plant medicine. It has been ignored in the past as a plant medicine as it doesn’t act like a psychedelic but as stated by Keith Wilson... “it does not take you on its trip but facilitates your own”. ⁣

Not all cacao is equal and the widespread form of cacao (cacao powder) that you’ve added to your smoothies, cookies or açai bowls varies dramatically from Ceremonial Grade Cacao. Ceremonial Grade Cacao is made with cacao paste (made from entire organic cacao beans that have undergone fermentation, been dried, roasted and ground), ensuring that the most important component of cacao, cacao butter, is held within the cacao and not removed. Whilst cacao powder still provides some health benefits, it isn’t as nutritionally beneficial for you, as the cacao butter has been removed (defatted) and it generally isn’t sourced ethically either. Ceremonial Grade Cacao is a true whole food, with no beneficial compounds removed and no chemicals added.

The energetics of Ceremonial Grade Cacao are at a higher vibration due to the ethical and traditional sourcing and harvesting procedures. Each order is always blessed and packed with intention, care and gratitude. Working with local, family-owned cacao farms directly also ensures the quality of the cacao is of the highest standards (our cacao is organically grown and third-party tested for mould).

When consumed with an intention, Ceremonial Grade Cacao awakens our intuition and allows us to live from the heart, rather than the head. It’s a beautiful companion for meditation, creative projects and connecting with yourself and others.

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