I'm Shannon, it's an honour to have you here.

Shannon is a custodian for Ceremonial Grade Cacao, a Menstrual Cycle Mentor and an experienced Energy Healer.
Shannon is guiding people to connect with their intuition and come to know their true self. Read more about her journey below.
For me, living a life of alignment and one that allows me to follow my greatest joys and purpose is a non-negotiable.

Since I started this pursuit, this dream of mine, it's become my mission to empower other women to do the same. To drop the obligatory 'shoulds' of life and welcome more purpose, joy and alignment so that you can live the life of your dreams.
I come from a corporate background, working in marketing, event management and business development. While I am now able to see the silver lining, the teachings, the learnings in these opportunities, I knew all along that I was destined for something more.
I transitioned quickly through these corporate roles as my constant growth and insatiable hunger for something greater forced me to outgrow people, roles and environments. You see, one of my greatest gifts is my intuition. Perhaps you can relate. It has led me so well through this life and sometimes this heightened level of intuition can be confronting, and I felt it so strongly at this point. While it supports me to guide myself and others into greatness and through our next steps, it can also savagely direct me to remove situations, people and ideas out of my life so that I can live in greater alignment.
And that's exactly what happened.

It was in February of 2019 that I took the leap. Finally deciding to leave the corporate environment forever and discover what it was I truly wanted to make of my life. Nourish Hub was born shortly after. Since then, I have created a sustainable, 100% waste-free product (Ceremonial Grade Cacao) and partnered with national brands, held a cacao ceremony for over 70 people after my first few months of facilitating, sold out my first two retreats within weeks of launching them; one being a four-week immersion, the other being a one-day retreat in the Dandenong Ranges, manifested and called in my dream relationship, home and job that allow me to work from home and curate my own hours, allowing me to make more time for my great love; Nourish Hub.

What I noticed was that moving things out of my life whilst scary, of course, allowed me to welcome in more beautiful, supportive situations. It's all for the greater good, and I am so grateful to be here. And of course, this journey has not been all sunshine and rainbows. It's been confronting, challenging and vulnerable. I've had to let go of my egoic mind.
I've had to take some big, scary leaps like withdrawing from my Chinese medicine degree after I thought this was my purpose. It was going to define me. I had to trust that I was leaning further into my real purpose, my true purpose. My truth. I had to be patient through the discomfort of growth and come to terms with disintegrating relationships, letting go of old friendships and romantic relationships, trusting that this would make room for new ones, more aligned than ever to into my life. And they have.

This new life I've created has made space for my sensitive, caring, big and vulnerable heart. I've always been sensitive. Perhaps you can relate. Crying at TV advertisements, doing everything for everyone, putting others before myself, being deeply sentimental. Beautiful feelings, yes, but also potentially overwhelming. I have to be cautious not to absorb everyone's energies and take them on as my own. Cue, an epic lesson in boundaries. I have gotten so far with my determination and hard work. I'll always give you my all.
But I knew that to reach the next level I wanted to reach, to create what I wanted to create, I had to do things differently. Being determined and hardworking can be considered excellent qualities but I can also be an excessive perfectionist, an overachiever leading to burnout and my inner critic having a field day. That's not the life we're here for, hey? And so, I've chosen and I've learnt to willingly balance my time and learnt how to welcome in more of the feminine energy into my life.

After a life of high achievers syndrome / Virgo tendencies, nowadays, I have intentionally welcomed in more ease and that is no accident. My personal growth journey has not been easy, but it has been so worth it and I know how much my experiences have allowed me to support other women within theirs. This is the life that I am here for, and I am all in.
I'm here to support you as you deepen into your purpose, discover your joy and live in delicious alignment, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Welcome I'm Shannon, it's an honour to have you here.

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