Winter Retreat
July 29 - 31 2022

Welcome to our Winter Retreat for 2022 in Daylesford Victoria, July 29th - 31st.

Nothing compares to our in-person retreats. The hold an incredible potency, are very intimate and offer you the space and time to rest, receive and re-connect to your true self. I am so looking forward to gathering with you in Daylesford over this beautiful, sacred weekend. 

I'd love to start with a testimonial from my last retreat in June 2021, then I will share our itinerary with you and a description of each workshop on offer. 

"Wow, where to begin?! It's hard to find words to express the feelings that were created on the Solstice Slumber Retreat. Shannon created a safe, sacred circle for us women to come together, and hold space for one another. I felt supported, seen, understood, and held. There's something so beautiful about likeminded women coming together to share stories, be vulnerable, and create a sisterhood in an environment free from judgement. It was a magical weekend that I will never forget. I can't express how much appreciation I have for Shannon. She is born for this work, and I will continue to be in awe of her". 

- Montanna


Friday 29th July:
6pm: arrival
6:30pm - 7:30pm: dinner
7:30pm - 9:30pm: opening cacao ceremony

Saturday 30th July:
7:30am: morning meditation and sound healing
8am: breakfast
9am: morning walk / nature time. Gathering for our ceremony altar and plant medicine workshop. 
10:30am - 12:30pm: Cycle and Cacao Ceremony
12:30pm - 1:30pm: lunch
1:30pm - 2:30pm: plant medicine workshop
3:00pm - 5:30pm: Womb Medicine Workshop: Kimberley Peters
5:30pm - 7pm: rest and integration
7pm - 8pm: dinner
8pm - 9pm: connection circle (super restful and focused more on connection. and conversations than "learning")

Sunday 31st July:
7am: Breakfast
7:30am - 9am: closing cacao ceremony
9:30am: pack and checkout 

Workshop Descriptions

Cycle and Cacao Ceremony:
Focusing on the energetics and emotional landscape of menstrual cycle awareness, this workshop is intended to teach you that your cycle is much more than a physical occurrence. In this workshop we’ll cover:
a) the four rites of passage we transition through as a cyclical being. We’ll explore the relevant archetype, the lessons and the power each rite of passage presents.
b) The energy of the four seasons of nature and how we can use this framework as a way to better understand our cyclical powers and vulnerabilities.
c) A cyclical self-care plan mapped out on a chart with a variety of practices to support you throughout your cycle.

The intention of this workshop is to remind you that you are not required to show up as the same person each and every day. Whether you have a cycle or you follow the moon’s cycle, we are innately cyclical beings. This workshop has been designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to identify your unique cyclical patterns and from there, understand your individual cyclical powers and vulnerabilities. When you understand these two parts of your cycle, you can then *as best as possible*, sync your life activities to your cycle and select which cyclical self-care practices are most relevant for that season and cycle day. 

Plant Medicine Workshop:
This workshop explores the energetics of plant medicine ie / the spirit of the plant, the emotional and spiritual benefits and uses as well as the physical benefits. In particular, we will be working with Calendula, Rose and Sage. We’ll partake in a visual practice to begin and then move on to creating your own ritual body oil and cleansing smudge stick.
*All materials provided. 

Womb Medicine Workshop ~ by Kimberley Peters:
Kimberley is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner, with a double major in Acupuncture & Herbalism from Torrens University. She has a focused interest in women's health and fertility and combines modern medicine with ancient wisdom to support people on their path to Motherhood.Kimberley has 15 years of experience as a health professional and is also a certified Reproductive Health Massage Therapist. This work combines an ancient style of fertility and womb massage and bodywork, blending a nurturing combination of physical, emotional and spiritual techniques. A deeply healing and non-invasive therapy, it can help with circulation, regulating the menstrual cycle, womb alignment, scar tissue release, supporting the IVF process, endometriosis, PCOS and post-natal healing.

Kimberley dives deep into her work with embodied knowledge and experience with high levels of sensitivity and empathy. Her work supporting Mothers in the making centres around the guiding principle that for women to flourish with optimal fertility, there is power in igniting the body's innate intelligence to support and heal itself. This is achieved through addressing foundational pillars nutrition and lifestyle practices, herbal medicinal support, acupuncture, massage and bodywork.

Kimberley's workshop will be extremely powerful and we are exceptionally lucky and grateful to have her as our guest practitioner on our Winter Retreat. Her workshop will focus on and include: 
~ Activate: Movement & meditation
~ 7 year cycles : The patterns of womanhood & how the womb communicates with us
~ Acupressure & moxa: For healthy periods & fertility
~ Womb Goddess meditation
~ Journalling with prompts
~ Womb gratitude & release

Inclusions & Investment

Early Bird Pricing: $888 - ending Friday 20th May.
Option 1: pay in full $999 
Option 2: $250 non-refundable deposit followed by 3 x monthly payments of $250 (must be paid in full prior to the retreat). 
Option 3: $250 non-refundable deposit followed by 6 x fortnightly payments of $125 (must be paid in full prior to the retreat). 

To book your spot and pay in full, please click here
To book your spot and pay a deposit + a payment plan, please click here

 ~ Spaces are capped at 8 women to ensure the nature of this immersion is intimate. 

~ All meals are provided for the duration of the retreat (breakfast, lunch and dinner) including snacks and Ceremonial Grade Cacao. Dietaries will be catered for.

~ You will also receive a self-care pack to nurture you after our retreat that includes a cylinder of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, a blend from my new product range, oils and more.

~ All accommodation is shared, you will be sharing with one other person and there are multiple bathrooms across the property. 

~ Please note that all sales are final and no refunds are available, as per our terms and conditions. 

Bookings close July 22nd 2022, unless sold out prior.

To book your spot and pay in full, please click here.
To book your spot and pay a deposit + a payment plan, please click here

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon at