Cyclical Business and Creativity: a self paced program

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Cyclical Business and Creativity
is the roadmap to running a business, that you’ve never been taught (but should’ve!). It’s an exploration of the natural ebbs and flows that we experience as cyclical beings, and an explanation of how this may show up and manifest in our business and creations.

Whilst there are many avenues and paths to explore within Menstrual Cycle Awareness, I have chosen to create a program dedicated specifically to the intersection of creativity, business and the menstrual cycle.

If you currently run a business, are thinking of starting a business or have a creative hobby that you would like to enhance through knowing your optimal points of creativity, this program is for you.

In Cyclical Business and Creativity, we explore the potential cyclical powers and potential cyclical vulnerabilities that lie within each phase of the menstrual cycle. Your “set” or “collection” of powers and vulnerabilities are individual to you, consider this your own dara set, your own individual blueprint to discover more about who you truly are, and how you show up at each phase of your cycle. The discovery of these cyclical powers and vulnerabilities is available through cycle charting, a practice that I will teach you, in depth, at the start of this program. Through cycle charting you will not only be able to identify some of the potential powers and vulnerabilities that I speak to in each module, but you will also discover your own! Each individual cycle is unique, and I am so looking forward to hearing what you learn and discover about yourself through this practice.

When we deeply understand these powers and vulnerabilities, we experience less friction and resistance which in this scenario, is relevant to how we create, produce and show up in our businesses. Rather than pushing or resisting against our natural, cyclical ebbs and flows, we roll with them. The deeper, more complex and more evolved our understanding becomes of our cycle charting practice, the more we are able to sync our business activities and the way we create, to our cycle.

When we learn how to sync our business to our cycle, we are able to forecast by looking at the cycle ahead. Scheduling meetings, copywriting, creating graphics, recording videos, seeing clients .. you name it! Imagine a life where you are able to (as best as possible) sync all of these business activities, according to where you are in your cycle.

1 x Self-Paced Program, 5 x Modules: 
Each of the following modules will cover:
- Overall energetics of that season
- Potential cyclical powers
- Potential cyclical vulnerabilities
- Most optimal business activities to do during each season
- Self-care practices to support you through the cyclical vulnerabilities
- The archetype and creative cycle phase associated with this season 

Module 1: An Introduction to Cyclical Business and Creativity 
This module provides an overview of the menstrual cycle, with visual charts provided. I teach you how to identify which season or phase of the cycle you’re in as well as an in-depth exploration of each phase of the cycle. You will also learn how to chart your cycle in a more in-depth way than you’ve done before (with access to my 2 x cycle charts) and the benefits of doing this practice on a daily basis. 

Module 2: Spring
We start at Spring because this season of the cycle symbolises new beginnings.he ‘Action’ stage of the creative cycle, this is the best time to initiate, explore, set intentions for the month ahead in your business and move things forward with inspired momentum. 

Module 3: Summer
The phase of the cycle that holds the greatest potential for ‘birthing’, Summer is a powerful time for you to be fully seen and expressed in your business. Planning a launch? Need to record a bunch of videos or do a photoshoot? Now is the time to schedule those business commitments that require more expression, energy and creativity.

Module 4: Autumn:
Whilst it’s often given a bad name (and understandably so), the Autumn phase of the cycle, in my opinion, holds an abundance of untapped potential and magnetism. Here, there is no room for anything that is no longer serving us. Our truth-telling ability is heightened and therefore, so is our capacity for clear communication. A wonderful time to wrap things up that have been on your to-do list for far too long, an increased ability to sink your teeth into administrative tasks and more.

Module 5: Winter:
Again, a phase (menstruation) that either has a bad name or is seen as taboo.

Of course this can be a difficult time for many (and these vulnerabilities are covered in this module) but what we’re not taught is that our ability to channel, vision and dream up new life in our business is most potent here, in Winter. 

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