Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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An elixir to awaken your higher self.
Not cacao powder, not hot chocolate.
This is an elixir that can be used alongside your daily rituals.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is an ancient elixir that has been utilised in sacred settings for thousands of years by ancient Mayan cultures. It differs from cacao powder as the whole bean is used upon consumption, unlike cacao powder, our cacao chunks include cacao butter, the main carrier of all beneficial components of cacao.

Your perfect partner for daily ritual, meditation, intention setting and creativity.


  • Connection to self & others
  • Calms & grounds 
  • Wonderful coffee replacement (increased energy without the jitters)
  • Circulation 
  • Heart opening 


  • Ethically sourced & sustainably harvested directly from family-owned Peruvian farms
  • Native, certified organic strains of Cacao
  • 100% waste-free packaging 
  • Gluten free & Vegan 
  • Fair trade 
100% whole cacao beans (stone-ground into a paste and then hand-chopped into chunks for your convenience)

  • 20-30g Cacao
  • Sweetener of choice (pure maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar)
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Maca powder
  • Chilli or salt

  • 1. Place all ingredients in a pot on the stove on a low heat. 
    2. Stir until cacao is melted and all ingredients are combined (the longer you leave it on the stove, the thicker it will get). 
    3. Pour cacao into your favourite mug.
    4. Take a few deep breaths, set an intention and sip. 

    Note: To experience creamy, well blended Cacao, we recommend using one of our handheld milk frothers, available through our online store. 

    We source our Cacao directly from small, family-owned farms in Peru where we pay above-average prices to ensure traditional ways of living and the sustainable cultivation of Cacao is supported. 
    5% of every purchase is donated to our charity, Ruk’u’Ulew, an all women’s Mayan collective in Peru.

    We acknowledge and respect the indigenous custodians of Ceremonial Grade Cacao as we promise to always source our cacao in full integrity, in a way that supports, protects and honours the indigenous communities and sacredness of Cacao.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    So different to other ceremonial cacao

    When I am drinking this cacao, it is really different to how I feel when I drink other cacao’s. I find I am much more connected with this cacao. The energy of this cacao is completely different. You can feel and taste how slow the process is and how it is created with love. It doesn’t come from a sweat shop.. The sacredness of this cacao is evident. When you first receive it, when you’re chopping it, when you’re making it, when you’re drinking it - all of these moments you can’t help but feel the love and care that came from all the hands before yours. It’s extremely high quality and I really hope it stays this way even when the demand gets higher and higher. Because other cacao’s just aren’t like this. This one is very pure and special ❤️ I highly recommend this cacao, if you’re on the fence, take this as your sign to get some xx
    This cacao has completely transformed my mornings. It has brought so much love and openness into my heart space. Shan is very sweet and the hand written notes are so special! Thank you 🙏

    Lauren Clayton-Smith
    Love my subscription

    Highly recommend this product

    Kaity Egan
    Exactly what I needed

    I always feel the love from Shan with her gorgeous hand written notes and cacao. During my ceremony I can definitely feel love all around me 💕

    Ash Reid

    Absolutely enjoy drinking this of the evening. We add Reishi and it is pure blissed out heaven. The quality of the cacao is top notch, which is evident in your first sip.

    Georgia Walker

    Absolutely delicious concoction of pure cacao.
    I love sharing this with women and I love having my own cuppa cacao each morning to start off my day